Thursday, May 14, 2009

I see you have a blog

"So, 'Azraa, um, I see you have a blog. The thing is, well your blog
it doesn't have any content. It is just sort of a nice template."

That is correct. I have a blog and it is content free at this time. See
I love blogs. I read them. I have written one good one and one sporadic
One of the topics I read about regularly is dance. Dance workshop reviews, DVD reviews, a blog of video clips and a blog of ugly costumes.
I have been attending more shows and more workshops and it seemed like
a good idea to start my own blog similar to some of the ones I read. The
plan is to review workshops, shows, music and anything related to dance.
As well as, bring you some links and news from around the blogosphere.
I will be tweeting from The Black Orchid Danse Retreat this week-end (time permitting)
and when I get back I will blog reviews, highlights and replay some of
the best moments.

My blog previews on my web page and auto updates as a new note on my
facebook page so you don't have to go directly to my blog to keep up
with me. If you can't wait for the new post, you can always follow me
on Twitter.

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