Friday, July 10, 2009

Do you like blogs?

If you like blogs about bellydance and use google reader you can add my Middle Eastern Dance Bundle. It includes all the MED related blogs I read. If I find anymore cool ones and add them they will automatically be added.

"Middle Eastern Dance" bundle created by 'Azraa
Description: Blogs about belly dance
A bundle is a collection of blogs and websites hand-selected by your friend on a particular topic or interest. You can keep up to date with them all in one place by subscribing in Google Reader.
There are
15 feeds included in this bundle (as of posting date)


RetroKali said...

Hi, thanks for putting this together...I have a dance blog if you are interested.

'Azraa said...

Thanks, I will add it to my reader.

Najla said...

I love the fact you put this together, and I keep the bundle on my reader. I was on your first list, but I just changed the web address...could you possibly update it on your bundle?

It is now

and it was

Same blog, same topics...same posts, just a different addy!

Jen said...

My blog bundle has been updated!