Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Race for the Cure Haikus

As mentioned previously, I am team captain for our Race for the Cure team, Bellydancers Shimmy for the Cure. For the past 3 years our troupe has performed at this event as well. At our last rehearsal we were discussing the staging of our number and someone said the groups were 5, 7 and 5. Oh, like a haiku!
So of course we had to write some. Here they are in no particular order.

walk, run, dance, do it
I cannot breathe through this veil
Time to go one, NOW!

five k or short walk
ok if we're stinky? ick
we will do our best

hipscarves will be on
raqs africa is the bomb
shimmy for a cure

Fierce flair warriors
African dance moves, double
head rolls, my neck hurts

United we dance
to entertain and support
where is my lipstick??

We sparkle and shine
With a shimmy and a shake
Have another Crunk!!!

we, many will dance,
from the heart for others' lives.
we will not quiet.

Seventeen dancers,
Stage is collapsing - OH NO!
Hey Y'all Look at us

And a bonus in Iambic Pentameter

To dance on stage with friends, it is a gift
Until the underpinnings start to shift
We'll arabesque and spin and pop and lock
And show the crowd how fun it is to rak

Please submit your own in the comments

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