Monday, October 5, 2009

Momo Kadous Seminar and Show

I admit that I took too long to post this but I was tired.... and then it was my birthday, and then I went to Mexico for a week, and then I was tired again. I then I got it done but needed to upload the pictures... you know how the story goes.

Momo Kadous was sponsored by Turquoise International with Shahira and Sabylla being the local hostesses. We had a hafla on Friday night at The Mirage. I was very happy that Ali (from Turquoise) and Momo were able to attend. We had some great dancers from all over Tennessee and the surrounding area.

Me, Laura and Jessica with Momo

If you have never taken a workshop with Momo, I have to warn you...his English is not very good. He also tends to go back and forth from English to French to German. I attended a workshop with his last year and this year I was prepared and that made it easier for me to understand. Several fellow attendees said by the second day they were doing much better.

Both choreography's he taught were incredible. I dream at night that art like that will ever come from my mind. I was also flattered that he thought enough of us on the first day to give use a second, long, complicated orientale piece.

He allowed us the film the class (just not him) which is great since our notes were all filled with things like "Opa, opa, hep, hep, step". You would think it would be hard with a language barrier to be funny but Momo is a laugh a minute. If the class doesn't look like they are getting it he will say "Do you understand?...Say no" or "say yes" if he is ready to move on. The jewel sound bite of this workshop was, "Is beautiful, yes? Then why you no dance it good".

If you ever have a chance to study with Momo, take it! I can't put into words the masterfullness (which is not even a word) of his choreography's. Even of you never danced them, the technique and ideas for creating your own choreography are endless.
The only possible complaint about the workshop is that the materials said that the last afternoon of the seminar would be folklore and instead Momo taught the same Oreintale choreography before and after lunch. I don't know when he changed his plan and surely hope no one was really disappointed. I hate it only because having danced one of his folk numbers, I know how great they are.

The show on Saturday was amazing as far as performance but attendance left something to be desired. The show competed with a UT Football which, around here, is like church.
Unfortunately, I spent most of the night in the dressing room and got to see very few numbers. My husband and friends were astounded by Raksanna, Linda of Nashville, and Mahsati Janan among others.

Both my troupes danced Momo choreography's that we learned on his 2008 circuit. Here is Shahira's Troupe Hyetti doing an oreintale piece

and BellaBelly with a Bedouin Folk number.

I think it is safe to say that this number stole the show!
Momo himself ended the night with a great performance.

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