Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Public Face

So today, I feel like crap. Poop, if you prefer.

I woke up with a headache, my neck has been bothering me for a week, etc.
I took some pills and slept in a bit, as I do.

When I finally rolled out of bed, I didn't put my normal hour into my morning routine. Hell, people are lucky I put on deodorant. Fortunately for me while my day job is in the business world, it is not that sort of business and I can wear yoga pants and t-shirt to work to on most days. If I had an important meeting then that would be different.

What hit me as I was driving out of my neighborhood sans make-up was What if I meet a potential student today? or a someone with a potential gig? The last thing I look like today is a bellydancer.

This all got me thinking. Are these things to be considered when ever we go out into public where the potential clients hang out.


Foxy said...

I wonder the same thing. Most days I dont bother with make up, pull on some jeans, and head into the office. Of course, my belly dancer look is very different. I also feel I should probably start putting in a little more effort during the day.

gypsy said...

being a retired nurse,the hours kept me n irradic sleep,=nightowl,when u bellydance,it uses all u have,and the older i become,the more i know,even if i am haggetha by day,when potential clients c how the work &sleep transform u,they will become all the more curious of your feminine secrets,if we look our exotic best all of the x,how can u allow others 2 c the change that is possible 4 them,give a free lesson with demo dance,that would help business,also,if i know women,they will find funds for valuable beauty tips,what girl never dreamed of such disciplined beauty&art,gypsy,bonforte.