Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Beauty Products of All Time (muwahahaha)

I am so glad that Princess Farhana posted her favorite beauty products. I admit that I get into a little niche and never come out when it comes to make-up. It did give me an idea. What if all my bloggy-blog friend did post on their favorite products and linked them in the comments. Then let's say in two weeks (January 22nd) I will post a poll that pits mascara against mascara and rouge against rouge and we can see who the Best Beauty Products of All Time (queue lightning) are!

Shellac Nail Lacquer 
I am lucky if I can get home from the salon with my nail color on. If I dance on Saturday, my nails get done on Friday and I DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. Enter Shellac. Cured by a UV light, this polish will last for two weeks. I am not kidding, it only looks bad then because my nails have grown out leaving little have moons of naked nails at the base.

Any and all primers
I don't care which one. They all work. L'Oreal and Bare Minerals are my favorite ends of the spectrum.

Bare Minerals
My face breaks out if I concentrate hard enough so this is my everyday make-up of choice.

Coastal Scents
Eye shadow doesn't get better than this. The high pigment colors pop and last all day or through the show which is my goal. I use them for the stage and every day.

Smashbox Gel Eyeliner
I love cream/gel eyeliners and this one has to be favorite. I have been meaning to try the awesome colored gel eyeliners from Coastal Scents.

Make-up forever Lipstick - the Rouge series
I actually don't like that it is perfumed and reminds me of my moms old maybeline (the way it tastes) but the color is incredible and it lasts without drying my lips out and looks shiny without being so sticky my hair get stuck in it.

So go ahead, do a make-up post and link to it here. The make-up poll goes up in two weeks.

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RetroKali said...

I love primers, too....:) Fun post!