Tuesday, May 7, 2013

In Which the World Becomes a Better Place

So I went to Little Egypt's Chicago workshop and it was awesome. Not only was I inspired but I danced pain free. I fully participated in 4 of the 6 workshops. I can't even describe how good it made me feel.
Now I am back home and back on schedule. Shimmy Mob is this week-end. I only learned the choreography last week but I learned it and I am ready to go. I am back on track with my lessons and feeling on top of the world.

So how was the workshop? Awesome. First, Aida Nour. She is everything you have heard. She is a great dancer and a great teacher. All 3 of the instructors did an excellent job explaining things and making sure we understood.
I went to the workshop not really knowing much about Asmahan. What a firecracker! I loved, loved, loved her style and had a blast even though I looked like I had been hosed down I was so sweaty after he classes. She is funny and very kind. Plus with her accent Shimmy sounds like Jimmy so now when I practice I hear her in my head saying "Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy."
I only participated in the first hour of Kazafy's Shamadan workshop and then set out and took notes for the rest. I loved the choreography. Shamadan is one of my favorite things so this will definitely be a piece I work on. I did not participate in his Saidi workshop at all. My back was very sore and I knew I couldn't do both of Sunday's workshops so I sat out of his in order to be able to participate in Aida Nour's oriental workshop.
There were shows both nights with Asmahan doing a 4 costume change show in Saturday. I am so sorry I didn't force my husband to go to that show. Since he is a trooper and will go to any show I want him to if he says he would rather not then I never try to convince him otherwise. I should have.
Aida and Kazafy performed on Friday both solo and with each other. Here is the awesome thing, they didn't rehearse together. Since they were both in the Reda Troupe they were able to just hop on stage and do Reda combos together. INSANE! I have study with Reda himself and from several instructors who teach his combos/style so it made perfect sense to me but the dancers who hadn't studied Reda were bowled over by this concept. Study your Reda people!
I loved the workshop so much I am putting more Little Egypt events on my calendar. I hope to get to go to Ahlan Cairo Nights in Dallas this year.

Now that I am better all I want to do is dance. I am trying very hard to overdo it and am including a lot of walking in my fitness routine. Getting ready for Shimmy Mob has kept me on my toes and I am looking forward to a full dance season.

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