Monday, March 11, 2013

Day 10: A Milestone

So, I said before that I wrote the numbers 1-90 on my mirror and I am ticking them off as I go. Well, they are in 9 rows of 10 so - one row done!

I'm still suffering from extreme fatigue and muscle soreness. I've been using my improv session like a warm up. I decided instead of pushing myself to do a long practice one day and only being able to do a short practice the next that I would even them out. Maybe if I just do as much as I can sustain every day then I will be able to add every week or so. I've also started adding in other elements to make it a long "work time" without exhausting myself.

So for now my daily practice looks like this.
20 minutes improv - starts slow and is my warm-up
10 minutes drills - I can't do too much this really fatigues my muscles
15 minutes choreography - I run it at least 3 times
5-10 minutes cool down/stretch
5 minutes upper body conditioning - this is how I know I am in rough shape, this was a breeze a month ago now I can barely manage my usual sets
Wednesdays & Sundays Yoga for Abs
10 minute meditation

All in all about about 1:15 - 1:45 in the studio so even though I'm not dancing the whole time, I'm still putting my usual time aside. Who knows maybe as the dance time grows I will keep the other stuff and have a killer routine.

Unfortunately, despite any lingering illness I am still able to my least favorite part of being an instructor, updating my syllabus and getting everything ready to start a new session next week.

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