Sunday, March 10, 2013

Day 9: It feels good

So, I have to admit that I never did the rest of my practice yesterday. I felt run down by the time I got home and my husband and I had a date night planned so I chose to shower and rest instead of practice.

Its fitting that today's e-mail was about overdoing it and becoming cranky. I do feel like the while the week got off to a great start the second half seemed very forced. It's like when I am asked to make a combo or dance to certain piece of music that's okay but when you ask me to make a combo using X moves then it feels contrived and forced and I never like it. I felt like the 2nd half of the week was very forced and I was just dancing because I had a commitment.

Today felt better. Maybe it was my mood or the music that queued up. I don't know but today it felt good again.

I did go right into my drills and choreography practice after. I am still not up to dancing as much as I was pre-illness. I thought it would get easier but it is getting harder. I am very stiff and sore all the time. Of course, my massage therapist picked this week to go on vacation to Aruba. But I am trying.
Today's e-mail also mention Alia's tips for combating fatigue. I am doing all those things.

1. Vitamins and supplements- I am a big fan. I know they are not replacement for good nutrition but I am have good nutrition and still have a few deficiencies. I also think everyone should take a multi-vitamin and pro-biotics because no diet it perfect.
2. Water - The answer is to always drink more water.
3. Sleep - Yes, please.
4. Exercise - Obviously.
5. Relaxation - I admit that I am a non- relaxer. But I work on it. I listen to a guided meditation every night before I go to bed (it also helps me sleep) and downloaded a meditation app on my phone which I use sometimes at work when I am overwhelmed.

The good news is that I am still doing my super hard Abs video twice a week and while it is challenging I am not having the usual "please, don't make me laugh" soreness. So one good thing came out of coughing so hard I puked. Yay! Now I just have to work on getting the rest of my body reset.

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