Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Days 4&5: The Safe Word

The very first thing on the mirror in my dance room is this: The Safe Word is RELAX
I'm a much better dancer if I can let go of the pressure.  I tried to do that with my practice today. Just be free, and not worry about it. I mean, who am I dancing for? Just myself.

Tuesday night is the night I teach and so there won't be posts. My second class has been working on improv and I made the 20 minutes part of our class. We are actually moving on to something else next week but I told them that we would still devote 20 minutes each week to improv.

I may have tried to do too much too soon. I am back to dancing 6 days a week but I can't make it an hour every day. If I do an hour one day then I can only do about 1/2 an hour. I am thankful that I can even do that much but it's frustrating because I feel so far behind in my homework for my lessons. That brings me to the statement on the mirror under the safe word.

There is plenty of time to get there.

I actually wrote that in reference to a choreography I was rushing but I find it applies to all things. Not to say that I don't have goals, or even deadlines. But there is plenty of time to get there. Relax. Have fun.

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