Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Days 17: Making time

Monday night we needed to go to the funeral home. One of our employees lost his father and it was important that we be there for him. Even though it was "late" by my usual practice standards I squeezed in some time.
I used my 20 minutes to play around with my veil and the song I had picked for my class. Ironically, we decided to go back and re-stage one old number and for me to teach another to a newer member of the student troupe so we won't be using the new piece for a while.
I worked on my drills and felt good about how they were coming along. I assume this is because I am supposed to record them and send them in as homework. So since I didn't record them on Monday tonight I will either be sick or suddenly incapable to doing my drills. This is how life works for me.

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