Monday, March 18, 2013

Days 14-16: Biting off more than you can chew

Several times this week-end I sat down and said to myself "I need to blog" and then I got distracted. Several other times I sat down and dicked around on my iPad and didn't even think about blogging. Its one of m curses, I only remember phone calls I need to make in the car and late at night.
My mind really perks up at night, maybe I need to keep different hours.

I have always thought that exercising or dancing late in the day keeps me from going to sleep. In a way it does because I get "jazzed up" and feel like running around. I think part of that always came from my group classes when I was a student. All my fellow students were my dear friends so not only were my exercise endorphin high but I was a on a social good-times sort of high. We always went out to Applebee's (I know but it was close and open late) after class, and I often miss that.
I don't get that feeling as much anymore because I work on my dance alone at home. On nights I teach I feel tired and relieved at a class well done, and also hungry. I do usually feel jazzed up after my own lessons partly from the interaction with my teacher and my suddenly much longer to do list of drills and practices. I actually channel it into cooking as my lesson is on Thursday and it is one of the night I usually cook with a purpose. My love of cooking is right up there with my love of dancing.
Where was I going with this? Oh, that's right. Exercising at night. A new study shows that it will help you sleep, not keep you awake as many people think. That's good news for me because my free time is all in the evening.

So how was my practice this week-end? There wasn't much of it.
I took Friday night off as usual. Saturday I practiced first thing in the morning as I had obligations all day. I did have a revelation I wanted to blog but since have forgotten what it was.
For the first time, I used a pre-set playlist. I am trying to pick a song for my choreography class and I put all the contenders into a playlist. It is going to be a veil number so for the first time in this challenge I got a veil and danced with it. The front runner was the first song cut. Not only is it too long so I would need to edit it but while beautiful I felt like everything that was coming to me might be too much for my students. The song I picked in the end is actually one I tried to choreograph to many years ago. I actually had a good start but other things came up and I moved on to something else.
I worked on my drills and some other conditioning exercises as well.

Sunday, well, that didn't work out as planned. You know when you start a new super hard workout and the next day you are hit by a bus sore? I felt that way after only doing the things I have always done. I really hope this still have something to do with my virus last month and nothing more serious. I am traveling next week-end and when I return I am going to do an allergy elimination diet to look for food allergies. My life has been a lot better since I was diagnosed as allergic to gluten but I think there still has to be something else or I would feel better.

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