Thursday, March 21, 2013

Day 19: Power Poses

So yesterday I went to the doctor about this fatigue I have been dealing with. No answer, but a ton of labs. I hope its something simple. Either way, I am going to do the food allergy elimination diet to see if I have any other food allergies that are making me feel bad. 
Somehow just doing that made me feel better. Maybe I felt more in control of what was making me feel bad.
The first song that queued up was a hip-hop fusion and I found myself really into it. Even though I have been pretty committed to shuffle and dancing to what comes on, I was into it enough that I searched through my iPod for the handful of songs that were similar.
I was thankful for the feeling of energy because I needed to submit my homework, i.e. make videos of myself doing my drills and choreography. I practiced my stuff until I felt "in the groove" and made my videos. Usually when I go to make the videos, I choke. Yesterday that were not so bad which is good since I was beat at that point.
It was Wednesday so I finished with my ab workout. All in all, a really good practice.

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